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Real-Time autobackup software
MDEC International… Your best Partner for…
Custom Software Outsourcing, Website Development Outsourcing,
Hardware, IT & Engineering Services…!!!

50% of Small to Midsize Businesses (SMBs) that experience a major data failure will go under. (Gartner Group, 2005)
MDEC Offers
An Affordable
Backup Solution!

No more data backup Headaches,
wasted TIME and RISKS...
... with Manual Backup or
Daily Scheduled Backups!!!

COBE MDEC International USA
MDEC Designed & built hardware for COBE satellite


RTB Student Edition

If you are a student…

What would YOU LOSE if... your HOME WORK data is LOST?MDEC Real-Time Autobackup Software: Student Edition

If your computer CRASHES, you could lose all your valuable data… HOME WORK, music, pictures and other personal data. You may never be able to replace those files.

If you are an ambitious student, you are a busy person. You work late at night to complete that assignment due in the morning. By the time you finish it, it is late… and you are tired. You don’t have time to do a BACKUP of your entire day’s work. You have hundreds of files on your computer. It is not easy to remember which files you modified/created during the day. Many times, you simply forget to backup… like all other humans!

With RTB software, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to do a manual backup. Our RTB remembers it for you! RTB software monitors your computer 24x7. As soon as you create/modify any file, RTB detects it and automatically backs it up for you.

The Student Edition of RTB software is reasonably priced for students and home users. You can get it for FREE when you refer your friends. See our promotion… Refer-A-Friend!

RTB software is like having a personal assistant… who NEVER forgets!

Warning ! Student/Home/SMB/Corporate edition will not work properly if you install it on a server and store employee data on the server, instead of storing the data on employee computers.

RTB Student Edition Backup Features
  The Student Edition allows only ONE set of backup files:

  • on a removable drive (such as USB) attached to your computer, or  
  • on another computer within your LAN, or
  • on a remote computer of your friend (coming soon), or
MDEC Data Center Option (coming soon)

In addition to storing data on one of your own computers, you can also save a copy of your data in MDEC International's Data Center .


Student Edition Prices
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