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Real-Time autobackup software
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50% of Small to Midsize Businesses (SMBs) that experience a major data failure will go under. (Gartner Group, 2005)
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Unlike many other backup software applications, RTB is a Real Time, automatic, AFFORDABLE, user-friendly, intelligent & interactive software. RTB runs in the background, while constantly monitoring the user creation and modification of files. Capable of distinguishing your file types (data, program, and operating system), RTB backs up only data files and saves you the storage space by not backing up the others.

RTB interacts with the user when needed. For example, if you forget to select a frequently used file extension during initial setup, it will remind you when a new file with that extension is created or modified. RTB remembers your answers to its questions and makes intelligent decisions in the future.

  • RTB is a SIMPLE, intuitive and easy-to-use real time auto backup software. Anybody with basic knowledge of the computer can use this software.
  • If you are doing Scheduled Backup at night, you have to keep your computers ON. Since RTB does the real time backup, you can turn OFF (shutdown) your computers and SAVE energy & MONEY! (The electricity cost typically exceeds the cost of your computer over its life time.)
  • RTB utilizes MDEC International’s proprietary IFR technology which uses very little computer resources – CPU time/Usage, memory etc. IFR technology eliminates the need for continuous file scanning (unlike backup software by other vendors), and, therefore, does not slow you down.
  • RTB utilizes IFR technology to monitor your computer. As soon as you create a new file or modify an existing one, it is detected and is automatically saved at the backup location defined by you.
  • Initial Setup Procedure is very simple and user friendly.
  • Performs automatic backup of user defined sources (folders/files and file types). This feature is very useful if you have limited storage space at the backup location (such as a USB Flash drive). You can restrict the automatic backup of your files.
  • You have the option to backup in compressed format (zip files). This feature is helpful if you have limited storage space at a backup location. (But, remember... If your files are very large, RTB may take longer to perform the backup, since it also has to compress the files before storing.)
  • RTB sends the data files in encrypted format over the Internet to the Remote Backup locations. This feature provides complete security for your valuable data.
  • In case your backup location is unavailable, RTB promptly informs you, and keeps a copy of your files in a temporary location on your computer. As soon as the backup location is available, RTB performs the auto backup of your files.
  • RTB also has the provision for Scheduled Backups (user defined time of the day and week).
  • Auto backup provision is available:
    • Within the computer on a different drive
    • Any other Server/PC on LAN
    • Removable drive (USB device)
    • FTP (File transfer protocol) on a Remote Backup location (in your other office or in MDEC Data Center)
  • Has a provision for file filters (user defined file types)
  • RTB keeps previous versions of your files at the backup location. This feature is very helpful in case you accidentally delete a file on your computer and need to recover it.
  • Has User-Friendly interface to restore data from Backup Locations:
    • Folders and files
    • Compressed Zip files
  • At the backup location, RTB maintains the Folder/Subfolder/File structure of your source location (such as your C:\ drive). This makes your restoring process very easy to manage.
  • Generates Summary Reports (Daily and periodically):
    • Files copied during backup
    • Files missed during backup
    • Track record of backup process