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Real-Time autobackup software
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50% of Small to Midsize Businesses (SMBs) that experience a major data failure will go under. (Gartner Group, 2005)
MDEC Offers
An Affordable
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No more data backup Headaches,
wasted TIME and RISKS...
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COBE MDEC International USA
MDEC Designed & built hardware for COBE satellite

 RTB… a Backup Technology Breakthrough!

The Universal Backup Technology Problem
(Data Storage size vs. CPU Time)

RTB Break through technologyThe data backup software offered by most vendors around the globe (HP, IBM, EMC, Symantec and others) utilize the traditional, out-dated technology (similar to antivirus software) of scanning all files stored in a computer to determine if any changes were made in the data. The software, then, backs up only those files that were modified. This file scanning technology has an inherent limitation of being incremental by nature. The backup software takes longer to scan as the number of files increase. For example, it takes 10 times longer to scan 100GB of data compared to 10 GB. Longer file scans take more CPU time of the computer and slows down the user.

With the availability of affordable 1+ TB (1000+ GB) hard drives, this problem has increased significantly. If a user has multiple Terabyte hard drives in his computer, the file scanning time may increase so much that it will consume almost 100% of CPU time making the computer unusable.

RTB --- a Cutting Edge Software Solution

RTB software products are based on MDEC International’s proprietary breakthrough technology – the Instant File Recognition (IFR) that enables the RTB to instantly recognize any file created/modified in a computer. RTB does not scan computer files, and is independent of the size of data stored on hard drives. Whether a computer has 20GB hard drive or multiple 1.5 TB hard drives, RTB, with its IFR technology, instantly recognizes a newly created file or an exiting file modified in the computer.