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50% of Small to Midsize Businesses (SMBs) that experience a major data failure will go under. (Gartner Group, 2005)
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  Drawbacks of Traditional Data Backup Systems

Historically, almost everybody (with the exception of large corporations with Mission Critical applications) in the world is used to two basic data backup systems, namely, Manual Backup and Scheduled Backup performed either daily or weekly. And, everybody thinks these are the only two ways to backup their data. The fact is... these backup systems are used around the world because of the non-availability of cost-effective technologies.

(Finally… MDEC is offering affordable Real Time Automatic Backup solutions.)

Manual Data Backup System

Most home users and small businesses are supposed to do daily backup of their data. Since this is a manual backup process and most computer users are always busy, less than 5% users worldwide religiously perform their duty of backing up the data. We all are human…!

Scheduled Data Backup System

All large organizations (and some small businesses) around the world are use to the routine of nightly/weekly scheduled backup. But, they only do scheduled backup of critical databases. The backup process takes very long time as the entire database is copied to the Backup Server. The biggest drawback of this backup system is that if the main server crashes just before the scheduled backup time, the organization loses an entire day's data.

Backup on Same Server

Most small businesses have only one server in the office which forces them to backup the data on the same server. If the database is small, they back it up on a USB drive. The drawback…? If the Server crashes… they lose both the original as well as backed up data. If the data is backed up on a USB drive, they are unable to use it until the server is repaired or replaced.

Only those understand the business losses and the resulting pain who have suffered from a server crash!

RAID Data Storage

A number of small businesses around the world do use built-in RAID(Random Array of Independent Drives) in their server which provides protection against a hard drive failure. However, if the server has a failure other than a failed hard drive, RAID protection becomes useless. The organization will suffer from the loss of productivity(and other business losses) until the server is repaired or replaced.

No Backup for Unstructured Information

Most organizations perform nightly/weekly scheduled backups of their critical databases. Other than critical databases, all data files such as Microsoft Word, excel, Word Perfect, emails, PDF files, scanned images & pictures etc. (referred as unstructured information in the industry) are left up to the individual users for backup. And users are all human…! They forget to backup regularly... or most of the time are too busy to find time for boring manual backup process.

Online Data Backup

With the availability of high speed Internet around the world, a number of companies offer online data backup services. These services are reasonably priced, and therefore, have become popular among home users. However, the online backup systems are either manual backup, or scheduled backup with the inherited drawbacks. On top of that, the Internet connection becomes the Single-Point-Failure of the backup system. If your Internet is down, you won’t be able to perform backup or restore.

RTB software gives you the choices to backup on an external drive, another computer within your LAN (Local Area Network), or on a remote computer.

Data Replication and Continuous Data Protection

A number of large vendors (IBM, EMC, HP, SteelEye, NeverFail etc.) offer real-time data backup applications named as Data Replication software, or Continuous Data Protection (CDP) software. However, these software applications are designed for large organizations and cost several thousand dollars. Almost all small businesses and most midsize organizations are unable to afford such applications.

Data Loss due to Disasters

Most organizations have their data backups stored within the same facility or campus . These types of backup systems don't provide any protection against natural or man-made disasters such as Fire, Flood, Earthquake, Lightning, Power Surges, Theft, Sabotage etc. The only solution for protection against such disasters is storing backup data at a Remote Location .


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Our RTB software and Dual-Redundant Servers offer Fail-Safe IT Solutions for small businesses.

As part of our Disaster Recovery Solutions (DR Solutions) for large organizations, MDEC Data Center with backup services provides remote data protection from natural and man-made disasters.


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