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Real Time Autobbackup Softwares
If you are doing? Manual Backup
Automated Scheduled Backup?/span>
Your data is still at RISK !!!
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Free  backup software...!
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What would YOU LOSE if... your DATA is LOST?

Take a minute?and think about it!

Whether you are a home computer user, a student, a small business or a large corporation, your data is one of the most valuable assets for you and your organization. Protecting your data should be one of your top priorities. You provide protection for your other assets?your office building, house, car, jewelry? Don't you think?you need SOLID data protection for your organization?

RTB software is the best DATA PROTECTION you can buy --- Real Time, Automatic, AFFORDABLE, Intelligent, Interactive and Very Easy to use.

  • Stop wasting your valuable time with manual backups!
  • Reduce your risk of losing an entire day's data with nightly scheduled backup!!
  • Power OFF (Shut down) your computer at night and SAVE energy & MONEY!!!
    (The electricity cost typically exceeds the cost of your computer over its life time.)
The name itself describes the functioning of our software. Once you install it on your computer?you will NEVER have to WORRY about backing up?or forgetting to backup your data. Our software automatically backs up your data files in real-time! RTB utilizes MDEC’s proprietary Instant File Recognition (IFR) technology to monitor data files on your computer. As soon as you create a new file, or modify an existing file and save it, RTB creates a backup copy of the file. You can save it anywhere?/strong> on a removable drive attached to your computer, on another computer on your Local Area Network (LAN), on a remote computer of your friend/your other office, or in our Data Center.
Edition Left Line RTB Editions
Student Edition
US Dollar $50.00/user

Home Edition
US Dollar $100.00/user

Small Business Edition

User U.S.D./user
1-10 125.00
11-25 100.00
Corporate Edition

User U.S.D. $/user
1-25 150.00
26-50 125.00
51-100 100.00
101-255 75.00
255-500 50.00
501-1000 40.00
1000+ 30.00
Data Loss Facts
50% of Small to Midsize Businesses (SMBs) that experience a major data failure will go under. (Gartner Group, 2005)
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