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Real-Time autobackup software
MDEC International… Your best Partner for…
Custom Software Outsourcing, Website Development Outsourcing,
Hardware, IT & Engineering Services…!!!

50% of Small to Midsize Businesses (SMBs) that experience a major data failure will go under. (Gartner Group, 2005)
MDEC Offers
An Affordable
Backup Solution!

No more data backup Headaches,
wasted TIME and RISKS...
... with Manual Backup or
Daily Scheduled Backups!!!

COBE MDEC International USA
MDEC Designed & built hardware for COBE satellite

  Data Loss Facts:

MDEC International Disaster Data Solution Loss of data for any business is a DISASTER. A major disaster like Katrina hurricane caused 6000+ medical practices to go out of business… because they did not have any data backed up at a remote location. News from 9/11 disaster was equally bad for the businesses in twin towers in New York.